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meet diagne

Diagne moved from Senegal to the USA in 1989, and was the first woman in her traditional and patriarchal family to attend university. Because of the divided culture in America, Diagne has endured hostility and discrimination because of the color of her skin. Yet, she continues to show gratitude for the opportunities she has and is incredibly optimistic about the future of this country. Her hope is infectious. Her nourishing food radiates love which you can taste in every bite. For the past 30 years she has been sharing her food and teranga with her friends and neighbors. Diange has a truly American dream. She reminds us that despite our differences, hate, and conflict, the United States is the melding of cultures and ideas and that should be celebrated. Diange continues to generously share her skills, wisdom, and vision of a future where our differences are what make us stronger.

"Every Nation Has Something That They Can Share. " 

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Diagne's Dream

"We will use food to unite, and drop the discussion that is dividing. This is my dream for America."

Diagne’s dream is to live in a world of acceptance. She would like to host a cooking competition show where kids from all walks of life come to learn to cook different kinds of foods. The winner of each season will be given the opportunity to open a restaurant (or other related business) in their community, bringing jobs, revenue, and culture. 


She also dreams of a covid safe show, where couples cook at home, one of them can see and hear Diagne cooking a dish and has to explain to the other one how to do it. It will strengthen the couples relationship by teaching patience, understanding, and listening skills, especially in these pandemic times. This model of “blind cooking” has been very successful as seen in the Bon Appetit youtube series Back-to-Back Chef, which has 10s of millions of views. Diagne provides a unique and often unseen perspective for American audiences, being an immigrant and coming from West Africa. The success of Nadiya Hussain, a UK celebrity chef, shows us how starved we are for cultural representation in our TV personalities. 

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the Teranga Team

Meet the amazing team that made Teranga possible. They all may be from very different backgrounds but  all share a passion for delicious food...



Senegalese citizens staged a widespread demonstration against Macky Sall‘s administration...


History of Ybor

Once the “Cigar Capital of the World.” Ybor which is located in Tampa FL is now a hub for art, culture, and diversity... 


Music of Teranga

Born in Casamance - Ziguinchor, two brothers and a sister found this Senegalese Rap group. Traditional Mandingo melodies, influenced by the urban music of youth, make Hip Hop Dialy Kunda unlike anything you’ve ever heard. Take a listen....


dIAGNE sEYE | host

JASPER LIOR | Director