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Light in the dark

One of my biggest passions is to time-lapse and photograph the night sky, you might say I am obsessed. Many nights a year you'll find me standing outside next to my camera, shivering, sweating, exhausted, and elated. I am mesmerized by the movement of the stars and moon, and how it feels to stand beneath them. The night sky reminds me to stay grounded, present, and curious.

What does it make you think of?

Astrophotography star photo of a street at night taken by Jasper Lior
A full orange moon photo rising over Footbridge Beach in Ogunquit Maine
A crescent moon sliver photograph taken by Jasper Lior
Nighttime night sky at Footbridge beach with stars and purple colorful clouds
A beautiful woman holding the moon up with her legs and laying on a beach taken by Jasper Lior
A headlight beam into the starry star night sky Jasper Lior
Footbridge beach where stars mirror bioluminecent plankton across the waves taken by Jasper Lior
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